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Always You | Levi x Reader (AU)
( ・_・)♡
    I wait in the rain
    But I don't complain
    'Cause I wait for you

    It was cold, chilling to the bone, on that corner. rain fell from the sky in crystals, gathering reflections on the soaked pavement.
    She didn't complain, (Name) never did.
    Damp tresses framing her fragile jawline, the radiant girl let out a sigh of melancholy.
    And I don't feel the pain,
    You're like Novacaine

    Deep down it, hurt knowing that he wasn't there, that he wasn't going to meet her on that special block. But knowing one day she would get to experience that rare, beautiful smile again, (Name) was patient.
    And I've got you...
    It was always you...

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Closure | Levi x Sister!Reader
Warning for a teensy bit of sorta cussing..
    Fabric stained with fresh blood, bleached white against burning crimson. Figures laid sprawled across the dry grass, never making the slightest movement. All but one. 
    Trembling fingers found their grip on a borrowed emerald cloak, now soaked with death's red paint. 
    "Levi..." A quivering moan rang out, "You promised..."
    Levi was her life. Her sun, moon, stars, and the oxygen that supported her lungs.  And to him, she was his world. 
    (Name) always had him besides her in every day, every hour, every minute, every second. 
    In the beginning, Levi found himself cradling his dear sister in his arms. As only a child no older than 13, he was sure that he couldn't raise an infant at that age. But, as time passed, Levi knew in his heart that he could not abandon his sibling, for she was the only known family
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Human!Absol x Reader
   (Name) nervously paced back and forth. A pregnancy test reading positive in her hand. She let out a breath, trying to calm herself down. What will Absol say?  Will he leave her? Will he stay? These thoughts raced through her mind. (Name) jumped at the sound of the front door closing. She quickly hid the test and put on a fake smile. She walked downstairs and saw Absol with the groceries she had asked him to get. 
        "Did you get everything I asked for?" (name) asked through her forced smile. Absol nodded, his red eyes watching her. He knew her smile was fake, but chose not to ask why. The rest of the evening went on as usual, the two had dinner then watched (fav/show) together. Both trying to ignore the awkward air around them. While (name) was debating whether or not to tell Absol the news, Absol was trying to choose whether or not to ask her what was wrong.
        He had a nagging feeling that (name) was hiding some
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Human!Darkrai x Reader
         (Name) hummed a tune as she walked through the woods. A bouquet of roses in her hand. The sounds of the forest filled the air. A few Pichus ran by, playing. (Name) smiled softly and continued on her way. The autumn leaves crunched beneath her feet. She could make-out a clearing in the distance, a sad smile forming on her lips. She soon stopped in her tracks when she saw someone there before her. He seemed to sense her presence because he turned around, his icy blue eyes wide. but when the landed on her they softened.
        He had snow white hair and wore a long black and red coat. He had something around his neck the reminded the (h/c) girl of Darkrai. The man slowly approached her, a small sad smile on his face. "You've grown so much, (name)," he said once he stopped in front of her. (Name) blinked. "Uh, how do you know my name? Were you a friend of my mother?" she asked nervously. The man chuckled lightly before wrapping hi
:iconkairi-a-hart01:Kairi-A-Hart01 291 53
Gijinka!Mewtwo x Reader: Worth it All
Mewtwo glared at the researchers and scientists around him. They all took furious notes and recorded data. They never once spoke to him, nor tried to make contact with him. He was treated as if he were invisible.
“Please, release him!” he watched in fascination as one girl was held back by security guards. She was trying to stop the experiments. She didn’t want to see Mewtwo used in this way. She wanted his freedom.
“You silly little girl, we’ve perfected him. He can now take the power of these two mega Stones and even gave him a human form thanks to us. Get her out of here” The lead scientist snickered as the guards took her from the laboratory. Mewtwo had enough. He used his powers to break the glass and shatter his confinement. He stole the mega stones and fled the laboratory as it exploded and burned in flames. He scanned the area and noticed the girl who fought for him.
He flew down and grabbed onto her and flew her far from that area. He landed
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Gijinka!Sawsbuck x Reader: Not Alone Anymore
You smiled as you sat in the forest, drawing various pokemon that wandered by or were friendly enough to get close to you. One of them was a male Sawsbuck. He was gentle and friendly, so he’d lie in the grass beside you and watch you draw.
“You’re so sweet” you giggled as Sawsbuck leaned its antlers covered in autumn foliage over your head to provide you with shade from the sun.
You finished sketching the Deerling group in front of you and smiled. You stood and brushed the leaves and grass from your clothes and smiled at your friend.
“I have to leave now, but I’ll be back again” you chirped as Sawsbuck nodded its head and watched you walk down the path back towards your home.
~Sawsbuck’s POV~
I was sad to watch the human girl, (y/n), leave the forest. I wanted her to stay. I enjoyed her company over any other Pokémon’s. I was alone again. I trotted through the forest and gazed at the other pokemon who had family and friends. I
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Gijinka!Lugia x Reader: I'll Return
Lugia drifted through the waves as it looked towards the bright surface. A dark, long shadow moved on the surface and caught its attention. Lugia swam upwards and it was the bottom of a boat.
Lugia rose from the ocean and peered its head into the small boat to see a woman lying unconscious.  Lugia transformed into his human form to climb onto the boat to see if she was alive or not. Lugia gently pressed his ear against her chest and felt her pulse to find none.
“Maybe I can still save her” Lugia had seen humans give each other air through their mouths so he thought he could try. Lugia gently opened her mouth and began giving her air. He pumped her chest until she jolted and began coughing up salt water.
“I did it!” Lugia gasped as the woman took deep breaths and opened her eyes. She squinted from the sunlight hitting her eyes as she slowly tried to sit upright in the boat.
“Who are you?” the woman asked as she looked at Lugia. He smiled and plac
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Gijinka!Yveltal x Reader: Berries and Blushing
(y/n) walked into the abandoned chambers of team Flare’s secret operative base and looked at the broken machinery. Yveltal and Xerneas had been awoken and now they roamed freely. Yveltal was the pokemon of destruction, Xerneas was the life pokemon. Both at opposite ends of fate.
“Poor Yveltal, it must get a bad reputation” you murmured as your starter (froakie, chespin, fennekin, ect.) nodded in agreement. You kept walking down the halls and passageways until you reached a larger room filled with broken machinery, furniture and wreckage of walls and ceilings. A large gaping hole in the ceiling indicated something blasted through it. The room was cold and gave you a feeling you were being watched.
You froze as you heard a low groan. You turned to see none other than a large pair of ice blue eyes staring down at you from a smoky black and blood red body. Yveltal was staring at you, feet from you.
“Oh crap….” You murmured as Yveltal opened its wings and
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Gijinka!Charizard x Reader: Forgiveness
“Would you stop being an ass!?” you hissed at your Charizard as he proceeded to torment your Vileplume who was running away in fear of the dragon/fire type. Your Charizard was a bully to say the least. He loved to harass smaller pokemon, especially bug, grass, ice and steel types that were weak against it. He was a pain in the behind to use in battle too. He’d listen to you, but then he’d go overboard and get reckless and thus wind up critically injured.
“You need to listen to me, I’m only trying to help” you sighed as Charizard snorted a cloud of smoke from its nostrils.
“You’re not getting a treat today” you huffed at the giant orange pokemon as he turned his head to glare at you.
You sighed and turned to go back inside your house, slamming the door behind you. You decided to make yourself lunch whilst Charizard cooled down outside. Your house was very spacious for all of your pokemon since you lived in the Kalos region. You
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Weak! (Human!Arceus x Reader)
"Help me up, you big lug!" You yelled, seething in frustration, murmuring profanities under your breath. You lay on the asphalt road, left knee scraped, and usually soft palms glowing angry red. Pedestrians knew better than to get near you or the man with you, and made the wise choice of staying at least a mile radius away from the duo.
Arceus laughed haughtily; how amusing this was! He never thought the day this, human, would be defeated, and defeated she was, by a tiny pebble.
"Hah! Who would help you? I-DI-OT!" Arceus stood in front of you, arms crossed in front of his chest in victory. The white-haired man leaned over the raging mass of flesh and blood that was you with a smug smile plastered on his handsome face.
"My, (Y/N), you were saying something about being invincible a moment ago. What now?" The once legendary Pokemon grinned, poking your bright red nose, making you feel like summoning the demons from the underworld and just plain old flustered and embarrassed. 
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Human!Mew x Reader x Human!Mewtwo
        (Name) sat on her sofa, eating (fav/sack) and watching (fav/show). It was quiet inside her house. Mewtwo was reading and Mew was outside playing. A soft smile went to her lips. "I wish it was like this more often," (name) said to herself. A few more peaceful moments passed before )name) heard her front door slam open, causing her to jump. The (h/c)-haired girl turned to see Mew, a wide grin on his face.
        In his arms was a small Lillipup. (Name) rushed over and examined the small pokemon. "Can we keep her?" Mew asked, "You can name her!" (Name) looked up, her (e/c) eyes locking with blue ones. (Name) sighed and nodded, smiling as Mew jumped around. The young pokemon then started to play with the Lillipup who was now known as (n).
~Time Skip~
        (Name) yawned as her teacher went on about logarithms. Her (e/c
:iconkairi-a-hart01:Kairi-A-Hart01 265 26
Human! Zekrom and Reshiram x Reader
"RESHIRAM, YOU'RE LIGHTING THE FOREST ON FIRE! ZEKROM, STOP PROVOKING HIM!" You scream at your two legendary pokemon, two who had been seemingly unsafe from the epidemic. Your Sylveon rested comfortably on your shoulder, and you could swear you heard her sigh at their antics. Pushing the bickering legendaries away from eachother.
   "But ________!" Reshiram growls. "Zekrom is saying that since you caught him first, he's your favorite!"
"I am, your favorite, right ________?" Zekroms low, masculine voice rumbles from right next to your head and you can feel his hot breath on your ear. "W-W-Wha- What?! That's what this is about? Seriously guys, you two are how many hundreds of years old? That's a child's fight and you know it!"
Zekrom makes a small 'tch' sound and flys upward, dragging the fire-dragon with him. Theres a few minutes of arguing and flying as you and Slyveon (who decided walking herself and staying out of the crossfire would be a good idea) trotted under them. Afte
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Gijinka!Zekrom x Reader: Love Doesn't Burn Out
Zekrom watched as the trainer walked around the power plant, looking around curiously. Zekrom placed its claws against the generators and zapped the power from them, shaking the ground and quickly sucking the environment into darkness in seconds.
The trainer screamed and began fumbling for light. Zekrom kept its eyes on her until he transformed into human form. Zekrom slowly approached her as she flinched and turned to face him.
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Zekrom asked as the girl looked up at his golden eyes that stared down at her through the darkness.
“I’m (y/n) and I c-came here a pokemon called Zekrom…” she murmured as Zekrom raised a brow.
“You found him” he answered as she looked up with a surprised expression. Zekrom placed a hand under her chin and lifted it to look closely at her face. She was very beautiful in his tastes.
“I have a deal to make you. It’s one you won’t turn down” Zekrom spo
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Gijinka!Darkrai x Reader: Dreams and Nightmares
(y/n) flailed in her sleep as she felt fear clutch her heart. Her nightmares were progressively getting worse and she could hardly have a pleasant night’s sleep. A dark shadow kept appearing in her dreams, haunting her, watching her.
“You’re mine…” (y/n) heard before she woke up with a jolt, sweat beading down her face. She got up and grabbed a glass of water to settle her nerves. She sat at her computer to look up remedies for these nightmares. According to various websites she found, psychic pokemon could use hypnosis and various other abilities to put something to sleep and control dreams.
(y/n) looked over at her Espeon and smiled. Espeon would more than willingly help her sleep, they were thick as thieves and best friends. Espeon mewled and agreed to help (y/n) sleep and keep good dreams.
(y/n) closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep with the help of Espeon. The dream started out plain, just colors until the shadow figure returned. It stood and
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Perfect (Human!Ninetales x Reader)
Your Ninetales has been cold-hearted ever since it evolved from Vulpix. You got him when he was an egg, and you cared for him with all the love and care one could ever want. When he was still little, he was a happy and cuddly little thing. He was adorable. The cute, fluffy ears were the trait of the kitsune-like pokemon that you loved the most, besides his used-to-be sweet personality.
You didn't always give him what he wants to discipline him a little, but your attempts were in all vain when he evolved. You see, Ninetales was the only pokemon that you had. You were confused when he turned his back on you, refusing to battle, to do anything that you order but eat, and always waltzing in and out your cozy little house whenever he wants, which kind of worries you.
When your Ninetales turned human, you almost fainted by his handsomeness and his ears. Ninetales wasn't naked, but he was wearing your long nightgown. But, his ears! You reached out to touch them, but he swatted your hands away
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Human!Ninetales x Reader
 (Name) stared intently into Ninetales' red eyes. Neither of them blinking. (Name)'s face was set into a look of concentration, while Ninetales wore a bored expression. They were having a staring contest. Why? Because (name) wanted to prove to Ninetales that she could win against him. This little stare off went on until Ninetales stood, leaned over, and kissed (name)'s nose. This made the (h/c) girl blink in confusion. As she stared at the blonde boy before her, her eyes widened in realization.
        She blinked. She lost. (Name) punched Ninetales' chest, a pout on her lips. A smirk went to the Pokemon's face. "I win," Ninetales said in a teasing manner. (Name) growled under her breath. "First to talk loses!" (name) yelled out and immediately shut her mouth afterwards. Ninetales was about to say something but stopped himself and sat down. Once again the two had a stare off, but this time willing the other to speak. Well more like (name) was praying that Ninet
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